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Wiesenhaid Family Book Project(s)
Family Book(s) Wiesenhaid available still in 2018 ?

Family Book -1-2-3-
Genealogical research for Wiesenhaiders from three sources soon ?

After many years of waiting, the Wiesenhaiders and their descendants who are looking for ancestors, family roots and links may now be looking forward to three promising publications relevant for their genealogical research. In addition to the the family trees of Wiesenhaiders already published on the genealogy pages of ancestry.ca by Donna Ware, two printed works have been announced for late autumn this year; a family book within the AVBF book series by Josef Michels and the long-awaited "Wiesenhaid Family Book" by Richard S. Jäger.

- 1 - Family Trees on the Internet

For some years, the published church books, so the matriculation of baptisms, weddings and deaths of the church parish Wiesenhaid are available on the website portal villagerecords.org. Since then, this has especially inspired Donna Ware of Canada, a “step” niece of Michael Kettenstock, the author of the 1987 published book "Wiesenhaid", not only to complete her own family trees but also to create those of many other families. It is really not easy to read these old books and to link the connections documented in them. Through her talent and diligence, Donna Ware has helped many grateful members of the Facebook group
"Descendants of Wiesenhaid" to continue their own research. The family trees she creates are published on ancestry.ca and are made available by her to interested parties via a free, but time-limited access. In the case of a lasting interest, the user must acquire his own, paid membership in Ancestry in order to secure further access. Then he can also benefit from the work of other authors from other places. Printouts of the genealogical trees are possible, but the layout does not satisfy everyone. In addition, the export of the data in an immediately otherwise usable form is not possible. Nevertheless, this was until now the only existing, structured and partially public accessible source of information for Wiesenhaiders working on their family trees. This shall be changed now.

- 2- Book project of the Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books (in German: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veröffentlichung Banater Familienbücher (AVBF)

Josef Michels, of the AVBF has contacted the Wiesenhaid Hometown Community (in German: Heimatortsgemenischaft (HOG)) and has made the offer to create a Wiesenhaid family book. The AVBF has already created or published numerous such books, as
a list on the internet shows.

The HOG has taken this offer quite pleased, since its members have been waiting many years for the publication of such a book, but have been consoled several times without results. The
announcement submitted by HOG Chairman Robert Feil to the German newspaper “Banater Post” some weeks ago was accordingly confident:

"Familienbuch Wiesenhaid is about to be completed

The board of our hometown community has been encouraging for some time the publication of a family book of Wiesenhaid. Now we are very pleased to announce to our compatriots the news of the soon-to-be-published family book.
In collaboration with the author Josef Michels, the publication of the book at the end of the year is envisaged. Notice: There is still some time until Christmas. As a gift, the book would be ideal.
The evaluation of the church records is almost completed. The author now focuses on the preparation of the contents and the organization of printing.
In order to produce a realistic number of copies, advance orders may be sent to:

Robert Feil, Leipziger Str. 25a, 75181 Pforzheim, Germany
or  via E-Mail to
robert.feil (at) t-online.de

Should anyone be against the mention of his name in the book, you should inform us within the next eight weeks.
We thank all in advance for the contributions for our family book.”

On questions from wiesenhaid.com the author Josef Michels shared some more details about the book announced:
"The family book begins in 1777 until marriages in 1985, births to 2000 and deaths until 1985. The deaths are now supplemented from the list of HOG (2000 to 2018) and from the archives of the newspaper Banater Post (1952 to 2017). In the family book are ncluded all data iwhich are also in the church records, except cause of death (exept in very special cases).
I also work with the church matrices. The only question is, how exactly these informations are. It turned out that the pastors made many mistakes in the entry. In addition, the connections to the other villages are still missing.
The book will be written in German. Nevertheless, we have had the best experience with our customers in the US and Canada for years, so I see no problem. Since this year the shipment takes place after advance payment.
Currently we add the Wiesenhaiders who (as far as known) have married in other places, as well as foreigners who have married to Wiesenhaid. The replenishment takes place from the already published other family books. It follows the incorporation of the deaths in Germany and additions from the ship lists of David Dreyer (emigrants to America)."

Wiesenhaid.com has got a few pages (that actually are confidential) to view, showing the layout. These show in a clear, tabular form each, as it is usual for genealogical works, the life data of the ancestors or still living persons and their respective spouse, including the list of their children, where available. Also godparents and witnesses are mentioned for the most part. Nothing has been said yet about the cost of this book.


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Screenshot: 1. Seite des ersten Kirchenbuchs Wiesenhaid Banat The old
Church Book
from Wiesenhaid
and Engelsbrunn:

and offline
the most
important basis
for genealogists
and the work
on family books.


-3- The Family Book Wiesenhaid - Is it worth waiting for !?

A short time after the announcement of the book described above, Richard S. Jäger has also announced in a postal mailing that his "Wiesenhaid Family Book 1771-2016" is about to be printed and published. The release date has been postponed by him several times in the run-up to the Wiesenhaid Hometown Community meetings, which take place every two years.

Now the author states in a message to wiesenhaid.com: "The family block part is completely finished, but I can still add some data. Because of the European Data Protection Regulation I have to wait now four weeks to see whether someone contradicts the publication of his personal data. Then in the beginning of August the book goes to the printing house."

In his newsletter he writes about the contents of his book: “The publication of the family book is the result of nearly twenty years of research work. On 800 pages you will find answers to many questions about the origin, formation and dispersal of the Wiesenhaid community from immigration in 1770, settlement in 1771 until the exodus in 1990.

My primary sources were the records about baptismals, marriages and Roman Catholic church books, in which each Wiesenhaider was registered by the priests of the parish. From this I reconstructed the family ties. The result is the names and data of around 2,500 families with a total of 12,000 people. The clear presentation thus makes it easy for each individual to find out his own ancestors, to create a family tree or pedigree. Also, the family relationships can be retraced.”

Unique selling point: places of origin of the settlers

He continues: I have invested a great deal of passion in researching the origins of the settlers. After years of painstaking research (in the archives in Vienna/Austria, Budapest/Hungary, Timisoara/Romania, Metz/France) I was able to clarify almost 90% of all places of origin and to provide the documentation of the places of origin with the corresponding birth and marriage dates in the places of origin. Also the
ship lists of the emigrants to the USA and Canada 1900-1930 were incorporated into the book. But I also recorded the dissolution of the Wiesenhaid community after the Second World War. As far as can be determined, the resettlement data and the destination of each Wiesenhaid family are shown. As a longtime publisher of the Wiesenhaid`s community  "Banater Extrapost" and from the publications in the German newspaper "Banater Post" I have added the death dates of the Wiesenhaiders, as well as weddings and births of the younger generation. The book is preceded by a foreword of Hometown Wiesenhaid Community Chairman Robert Feil and completed with a brief overview of the history of Wiesenhaid, a village plan 1771 and 1855, as well as some photos of Wiesenhaid and some old family photos.

About the financing of his book, the author writes: "Since I privately pre-finance the printing costs, I ask you to transfer a subscription amount after receiving my order confirmation, which I will issue and send to you after receiving your order.
All subscribers will be listed in a roll of honor and will receive the book by mail after publication. The number of copies produced depends on the pre-orders. Only as many family books are printed as I have binding pre-orders.  Afterwards you can not buy the book - except for a few copies.

You can support my years of voluntary work and the publication of the family book with a contribution of your choice, but who transfers 65 euros and more receives a copy after printing, free shipping included within Germany. (If the book plus packaging will weigh not more than 1 kilo, for the shipment to USA or Canada it will cost you plus 10 euros for a simple letter, 20 euros for a small parcel without insurance and 40 euros for a regular parcel including insurance.)“

The contact details to order this Family Book Wiesenhaid directly from the author is:
Richard S. Jäger, Ruhrstr.7, 68167 Mannheim, Germany
Phone: +49-621-33 48 44, Email: richard.s.jaeger (at) t-online.de

In his message, Richard S. Jäger added: "You can understand the main part of the family book with its families and data everywhere, there is no need to translate it in English, but I will consider to add a few pages about the history of Wiesenhaid and some hints how to use the family lists section of the book in English.”

According to chairman Robert Feil, the HOG Wiesenhaid supports both book projects and, after such a long wait, looks forward to two works; a "more standardized" and a "more scientific".

So it remains exciting. Order, still wait and see ... the surprise.