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Funeral of the last

deutsch / english (DRAFT, 2016-04-13)

Report on the funeral of the

Katharina Dürbeck (1924-2016, maiden name; Ganz), the last Banat-Swabian resident of Wiesenhaid / Tisa Noua, passed away march 24th, 2016 (See our > report ). The burial took place in the Catholic Cemetery of her home village two days later.

Manfred Bruckler, the author of the book "Cemetery Wiesenhaid", was present on the spot and reported in an e-mail to the editor, as follows:

"The bells of the church were not drawn because of the dilapidation of the tower. Reverend Dirschl held a bilingual funeral in Romanian and German. Hilde Vogel as cantor with a small choir of the catholic parish contributed prayer and chanting.

About 60 people paid their last respects, all present villagers, except 3 people. She was very much appreciated in the village, had many friends and acquaintances. She had a lot of visitors from abroad too.

The Perijoc family cared for her for 15 years, and this until the last day. In the future the Perijoc family will take care of her grave. Over the years the Perijocs became her new family and she became the grandma for the kids of the family.

The Perijoc family had the heartfelt desire to hold the traditional funeral and also to document it for those who could not come. I provided my camera and Mr. Daniel Perijoc filmed / commented the videos of the funeral. He has done this very well and found the right words.

For me “Wes Kathi”, as we told her, was an extraordinary woman, very charming, helpful, she always had a cheerful disposition and for each one a good word. She has taken care of the cemetery, partially of the church too and of the trinity column. Furthermore she has saved from the war memorial a bloc with the inscriptions into the church.

She will remain in our memories and everyone may visit her grave."

Obituary of the grieving Perijoc family for the deceased  Catherine Dürbeck, as a poster at the gate of the house. (Name in Romanian spelling).

Mourners taking farewell at the coffin in the yard of her house.
External links to the videos: 
"Farewell in the courtyard" und "Funeral in the courtyard"

Dirge and prayers at the grave.
External link to the video:
"Memories of a neighbor"

Mourners at the still open grave.
External link to the video:
"Family in the cemetery"


Katharina Dürbeck (maiden name: Ganz), called "Wes Kathi" by the Schwobs and “Tanti Kati” by the Romanian residents of the village, before her new house 2015.

The same house as above (now plastered) decorated with funeral wreaths and the black flag, on the day of the funeral, Holy Saturday, march 26th, 2016.
External link to the video:
"Preparation of the funeral”

All photos of the funeral were provided by Manfred Brückler.
The external links under the pictures lead to his YouTube Channel,
where he published the videos taken at the funerral by Daniel Perijoc.
His comments are in Romanian. Link to all the videos > HERE <

Laying out in the house, according to local custom with open coffin, with vigil by relatives, friends and neighbors.
External links to the videos:
"Laying out in the house" and  "Coffin closure"

Photos above and left: Funeral from the house of Katharinai to the cemetery of Wiesenhaid (Tisa Noua). Ahead the Perijoc family and the guest with Manfred Bruckler, who had traveled there from Germany, as representative of the former Banat-Swabian community of the village.
External link to the video:
"The last way"

Funeral service at the grave with Reverend Dirschl from New-Arad, who is also responsible for the parish of Wiesenhaid / Tisa Noua.
External link to the video:
"Funeral at the cemetery"  and  “Interview / Obtuary”

The members of the foster family with the guest at the closed grave.
External link to the video: